For this year’s competition, as of January 31st, 2600 photographs by authors from 18 countries were sent in and, as expected, photographers from the region preceded the number of entries.

The four-member jury of renowned experts in their respective fields conducted this year’s selection:

  1. Hrvoje Slovenc, photographer, NY – president of the jury
  2. Bruna Kazinoti, photographer, CRO
  3. Una Popović, Salon of the Museum of Modern Arts, RS
  4. Sabina Salamon, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, CRO

The jury had the task of selecting the finalists of the competition and among them the winner of the Grand Prix, i.e. the overall winner of the competition. In the judging process, they were given autonomy to decide on the number and composition of the finalists, to insure that the final exhibition represents the very best of the work sent in.

What the finalists of Photodays 2020 have in common is an acute awareness of the purpose of their own photography, how it functions in the world.  In thinking about that output, it was an honor to work with other members of the jury: Bruna Kazinoti, Sabina Salamon, and Una Popovic.  Together we were charged with the difficult task of cherry picking from a large body of images that are visually and conceptually rich.  While studying the submissions we found ourselves returning multiple times to individual works.  Beyond simple pictures we found they transformed into layered visual texts.” – said the president of the jury, Hrvoje Slovenc.

This year, amongst the finalists were two authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Italy, Russia, Serbia each and one author from the Netherlands, Germany and Slovenia.



1. Aida Redžepagić


1. Fadil Šarki
2. Ivana Jagušić


1. Alessio Paduano
2. Nik Erik Neubauer
3. Armin Durgut


1. Patrick Bienert
Katarina Marković


1. Sandra Lensink
2. Serena Vittorini
3. Natalia Oreshina


1. Patrick Bienert
2. Mikhail Lebedev
3. Denis Butorac


The online finalists exhibition can be seen here.

The full commentary on the selection, by the jury president, can be seen here.


The winner of the Grand Prix wins a €2,000 cash prize, a solo exhibition with a catalog in Rovinj during the Festival in 2021, and a weekend stay in Rovinj, dates as agreed upon.


Considering the epidemiological situation in the country and the world, in accordance with the Decisions of the Civil Protection Staff of the City of Rovinj-Rovigno and the County of Istria and the Decision of the Civil Protection Staff of the Republic of Croatia, dated March 19th, 2020, on the prohibition of all public gatherings, the Rovinj Photodays 2020 Festival will not be held on the announced date (May 8 – 10, 2020).

The Rovinj Photodays Grand Prix 2020 will be announced in he planned time of the festival (Saturday, May 9, 2020), on the Rovinj Photodays website and social media platforms.

We will notify you in due time of any news.

Thank you for understanding!