Following an exhilarating judging process, Rovinj Photodays 2024 proudly reveals its esteemed winners and finalists. The competition, renowned for its celebration of photographic excellence, received an unprecedented 3,900 submissions from 32 countries worldwide by the deadline of March 3.

The selection process was conducted by a seven-member jury of prominent experts in their fields of activity:

1. Sabina Salamon, senior curator of the Photographic Collection of MMSU Rijeka – president of the jury (HR)
2. Dubravka Lazić, artist, professor, vice-dean of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (RS)
3. Dino Rekanović, founder of the ROTLICHT festival and manager of the Photon gallery in Vienna (AT)
4. Steffania Rössl, photographer and co-director of SIFEST (IT)
5. Hrvoje Slovenc, photographer (NY)
6. Massimo Sordi, photographer and c0-director of SIFEST (IT)
7. Ján Viazanička, photographer, teacher, curator and editor-in-chief of the photography magazine (SK)

The jury is given complete autonomy in the selection process to decide on the number and composition of the finalists, in order to ensure that the final exhibition really represents the best of the submitted works.

Among the finalists are three artists from Italy, three artists from Slovakia, two from the Netherlands, and one representative from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Indonesia, Serbia, South Korea, the United States, and Uruguay. Their works will take center stage at the festival, which will transpire on May 17 and 18 in the picturesque setting of Rovinj. The highlight of the festival finale on May 18 at the Island Hotel Istra will be the announcement of the Grand Prix winner.

View the finalists exhibition here.


1. Zuzana Pustaiova (SK)
2. Ryan Andrew (ID)
3. Stephanie Schwiederek (US)

1. Jung Ui Lee (KR)
2. Viola Hertelova (CZ)
3. Luka Klikovac (RS)

1. Emanuele Occhipinti (IT)
2. Ryan Andrew (ID)
3. Matteo Trevisan (IT)

1. Alessio Paduano (IT)
2. Deni Horvatić (HR)
3. Herbert Fauster (AT)

1. Tatiana Takáčová (SK)
2. Emilia Martin (NL)
3. Anna Pozina (DE)

1. Peter Pflügler (NL)
2. Federico Estol (UY)
3. Sona Maletz (SK)