• Pejzaž
  • 1. mjesto

Born: 1987., slovačka
Profession: Photographer
Lives & works in: Košice and Bratislava, Slovakia


The artist’s project reflects her long-term interest in the psychological aspects of human experience and the concept of temporality. The ideological starting point is the German concept of fernweh, which refers to the longing, melancholy, or sadness an individual feels for places they have never been to. The artist interprets this concept on two levels. A historical one, where melancholy for the world, social systems, and stories that are irretrievably gone come to the fore.

The second level is related to the future and the experience of an inner longing to discover and search for the promised land.

This metaphorical journey resonates deeply with human experience.

Whether it is a search for a physical place or a sense of fulfillment or belonging in our lives, the idea of a promised land has appeared in religious texts, visual art, theatre, and literature. in the author’s photographic series, the landscape, its reconstruction, and the almost obsessive search for the ideal place embody inner desires. Takáčová digitally experiments with the image, manipulating analog photography, using renders and historical footage, and creating collages.