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Born: 1991, Italy
Profession: Documentary photographer and videographer
Lives & works in: Gorizia, Italy


The central Balkans are a major source of air pollution in Europe. Every winter, Balkan cities struggle with severe air pollution from ageing coal-fired power plants, open-cast lignite mines and ash dumps, raising health concerns among residents.

Bosnia has the fifth highest number of deaths from air pollution in the world, according to a Human Rights Watch report. Pollutant levels in the region – home to seven of Europe’s 10 most polluting coal-fired power plants – are five times higher than EU limits, according to the UN Environment Programme.

In the years I explored the industrial cities of Zenica, Tuzla, Banovići and other places saddled with pollution, I discovered a remarkable country, scarred by war but resolutely hopeful that becoming a member of the EU will improve a toxic environmental landscape and usher in a brighter future.