Date: Saturday, May 18th 2024, 10 AM – 6 PM
Location: Rovinj, center

Experience timeless, magical portraits with a unique and historic photographic process. We paint with silver and light your story, your portrait!

150 years ago, a portrait session with a photographer was an impressive experience. The photographer was an artist and alchemist at the same time.  His work had a touch of magic about it! The result is an artistic image of a personality, a timeless document, created to last for centuries.

Creating a Wet Plate Collodion Portrait requires many traditional photographic skills, such as mastering camera settings, lighting, timing, and of course the chemicals. Each portrait is unique: Coated aluminum plates (tintypes) or black glass (ambrotypes) are exposed in a large format camera. Through a carefully controlled development process in our darkroom, many, extremely small silver particles reveal your image as you have never seen it before: sharp, full of character and atmosphere.

Wet-plate collodion photographs impress with their very high sharpness and resolution, while at the same time showing the unavoidable and individual artifacts of the photographer’s craft. Due to the way the photographs are taken and the special UV light sensitivity of the collodion, very expressive, high-contrast images are created that cannot be imitated with modern, digital technology.

Visit the tent of magical portraits and a unique photographic process (developing, fixing, and varnishing) by Torsten Wieczorek- Vienna
Costs per portrait (4×5 inch) at a special price of €50